Paul Elliott; The Unfolding Landscape

Converge Las Cruces is pleased to announce our new online exhibition Paul Elliott; The Unfolding Landscape.

This exhibition features 18 black and white landscape photographs of an often vast, but always occupied American West. The heighten contrast, rich tones, and carefully composed dramatic images remind us of scenes from a John Ford Western.

“I think it’s no accident that Paul Elliott’s images hint at an old Western movie,” said Deborah Sperry, Director of exhibitions. “Paul is an award winning cinematographer who expands the narrative of the modern landscape by using photography suggestive of a movie story board. His photographs deeply reference the history of American landscape photography, but we see examples, small and large, of human expansion onto the land.”

Paul Elliott (IMDb Bio) is an award winning cinematographer and photographer. Originally from London, England, he is now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has been nominated 3 times for the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers award, and won the award for best cinematography on a TV movie. Paul has also won a best cinematography award at the Sundance Film Festival.